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Exit Grease

Exit Grease

Exit Grease is an Economical Multi Purpose Quick Break Degreaser for removing Grease and Grime on Motors, Machinery, Workshop Floors and General Plant Maintenance.

Exit Grease proved to be more efficient and produced a quicker and superior result to the chemical that was used onsite, saving considerable manpower costs and less chemical usage. PLEASE NOTE THIS PRODUCT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR ALUMINIUM AND ALLOYS, RED ROAR IS A SUITABLE REPLACEMENT IN THESE APPLICATIONS.

Exit Grease can be applied on:
– Mining Vehicles: for stubborn applications or diluted for light dust and grime applications refer to the distributor for technical assistance on dilution ratios.
– Workshop Floor Cleaning:
– Oilfield and Mining Equipment and Machinery

Exit Grease is available in;
– 1 Litre bottles
– 5 Litre containers
– 20 Litre containers
– 200 Litre drums
– 1000 Litre Intermediate bulk container

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