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DBR have the experience to assess and custom develop new technically superior equipment to suit the precise working parameters for each client’s plant and process conditions, our services include:

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Why Choose Us

DBR Industrial Products Pty Ltd is a wholly-owned Australian Company. Headquartered in Perth and operating across the globe, we tailor our products and services to suit each client’s individual needs, we are a company who offer a diverse range of quality products and specialised services in supporting an array of industries including:

  • Mining.
  • POX and HPAL processes.
  • Power Generation.
  • Oil and Gas.
  • Water and Utilities.
  • Alternative Clean Energy.
  • Materials Handling and Processing / Manufacturing Plants.

DBR strengths are in application problem solving, assessing performance metrics to improve MTBF and reducing the total cost of ownership to the client with an honest approach to building long term relationships with all the customers we supply and support.


DBR was founded with the ambition to provide exceptional products and services throughout All Industries by listening to our valued client’s opinions on the best way forward for our partnerships. By believing in our own ability, DBR can offer the service required to back up our word to perform at the highest level throughout all of the Industries we support.