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Eco Kleen

Eco Kleen

Eco Kleen is excellent for removing grease and grime from a wide range of hard surfaces. Eco Kleen can be used for engine degreasing to workshop floors. This product is not recommended for general purpose washing of glass, or duco on heavy and light vehicles as it may leave streaks if allowed to dry.

Eco Kleen is a water based quick breaking degreaser. Eco Kleen is part of a new generation of environmentally advanced, water based products specifically formulated for degreasing and pressure washing in workshops, mining, oil rigs, etc.


– Advanced formulation to remove oils and grime from hard surfaces
– Safe to use underground (non flammable and hydrocarbon free)


Eco Kleen is available in;
– 1 Litre bottles
– 5 Litre containers
– 20 Litre containers
– 200 Litre drums
– 1000 Litre Intermediate bulk container

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