BrakeMate has been designed as an elevated service platform for servicing heavy vehicle disc brake assemblies; it eliminates all manual lifting during the disc brake maintenance process and substantially reduces service time and in turn saves $’s.

The BrakeMate rotor/hub trolley is operated by an air-overhydraulic system. Although potential pinch points have been engineered out of the product, a three-button configuration of ‘Safety’, ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ ensures the operator’s hands are kept away from moving parts. BrakeMate allows for the quick and easy removal of the caliper utilising an adjustable clamp mechanism. This easily fits calipers mounted anywhere in the three, nine and 12 o’clock arc position. An adaptor is also available to suit calipers mounted at the six o’clock position. The rotor/hub trolley locates onto the studs. Adaptor plates allow for connection to common 10-stud and eight-stud patterns. A manual hydraulic ram separates the hub assembly from the vehicle. The use of a manually operated ram allows the operator to have a feel for the force being applied.

Once removed from the vehicle, the two trolleys are mated together. BrakeMate then easily separates the rotor from the hub. The used rotor is rolled onto the rotor rack, the ‘Lazy Susan’ mounted rack is then rotated through 180 degrees to allow the new rotor to be rolled into position. The unit is then easily refitted to the vehicle.


– Eliminate manual lifting of Calliper, Hub and Rotor
– Reduce the risk of back injury
– Ideal work height
– Reduce service time
– Specially designed for bus, truck and trailer maintenance needs
– Reduce maintenance times and costs
– Easy to use and offers major OH&S benefits
– Australian designed and manufactured
– Drum brake adapter option available