Bitumen, Asphalt Remover and Cleaner.

Non-Hazardous Chemical, Non- Dangerous Goods. 

B.A.R.C. is a highly effective environmentally friendly high-performance alternative for removing Bitumen, Asphalt and grease from stubborn applications.

Product History 

Historically it has been customary to use solvents such as kerosene or diesel to remove asphalt and bitumen deposits, however these are potentially a health hazard and have a major environmental impact. A great deal of care is required in handling these volatile solvents and there are many difficulties associated with their disposal.

There is now an alternative to using kerosene and other harmful solvents. The process is simple with the plant derived B.A.R.C. penetrating deep into the surface to release and lift the asphalt, this is achieved in a far safer manner and without the use of any carcinogenic and toxic chemicals.

New chemical technology has enabled us to develop a product which reacts quickly with the asphalt and bitumen, releasing these substances from surfaces and holding them in solution. These solutions have a high calorific value and may be reused in suitable facilities, alternatively the removed materials can be separated from the product and disposed of without concerns about pollution.

B.A.R.C is an extremely effective alternative to hydrocarbons currently used and adds a considerable advantage by being totally 100% Environmentally friendly.

The main ingredients are derived directly from natural edible plant oils.

No synthetic derivatives, no volatile organic compounds or customary solvents.


Can be used for coating as well as cleaning equipment. The viscosity of the product means that it is very good for cleaning down machines and tools, can be applied in enclosed situations. No specialised ventilation is required as does not emit any carcinogenic fumes.

Being compatible with most oils, both synthetic and natural it can also be used for cleaning workshop and factory floors. This also applies to spillages of bitumen on kerbs and pavements.

Environmental Facts

With the increasing concern on the dangers to the environment B.A.R.C. has been specifically designed to be both chemically and biologically degradable. This means that natural microbes can use the material for nutrition, effectively breaking it down into non-polluting components.

    • 100% biodegradable as the product is derived from edible plant oil sources.
    • Has a very high flashpoint > 150 ºC – therefore easy to use around working machinery.
    • Does not require pre-dilution with water.
    • No carcinogenic problems with use.


  • 1 Litre bottles
  • 5 Litre containers
  • 20 Litre containers
  • 200 Litre drums
  • 1000 Litre Intermediate bulk container (IBC)

Data Sheets Available

Technical Data Sheet: BARC TDS Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet:  BARC SDS Safety Data Sheet 

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