DBR Lithium battery


B.A.R.C. (Bitumen and Asphalt Remover & Cleaner) is a highly effective environmentally friendly high performance alternative for removing Bitumen, Asphalt and grease from stubborn applications.

Exit Grease

An Economical Multi Purpose Quick Break Degreaser for removing Grease and Grime on Motors, Machinery, Workshop Floors and General Plant Maintenance.

Eco Kleen

ECO KLEEN is a water based quick breaking degreaser. ECO KLEEN is part of a new generation of environmentally advanced, water based products specifically formulated for degreasing and pressure washing in workshops, mining, oil rigs, etc.

Eco Truck Wash

A revolutionary new Vehicle Wash detergent concentrate using modern technology.

Load Release

Provides an active film designed specifically to reduce the adhesion of aggregates on surfaces, allowing them to slide easily.  Designed to work very effectively as an anti-adhesion measure to stop pick up of Asphalts and aggregates on roller compactors.

Red Roar

RED ROAR is a thickened foaming acid cleaner and brightener and acid truck wash – fleet washing product.