Eco Kleen


ECO KLEEN is a water based quick breaking degreaser. ECO KLEEN is part of a new generation of environmentally advanced, water based products specifically formulated for degreasing and pressure washing in workshops, mining, oil rigs, etc.

Features And Benefits:

  • Advanced formulation to remove oils and grime from hard surfaces.
  • Safe to use underground (non flammable and hydrocarbon free).

Use Directions:

ECO KLEEN is excellent for removing grease and grime from a wide range of hard surfaces. ECO KLEEN can be used for engine degreasing to workshop floors. This product is not recommended for general purpose washing of glass, or duco on heavy and light vehicles as it may leave streaks if allowed to dry.

  • General Cleaning (Light Soil) – Mop solution containing 40mL of ECO KLEEN to each litre of water.
  • Workshop (Medium Soil) 50mls of ECO KLEEN per litre of water, rinse with fresh water after cleaning.
  • Degreasing (Heavy Soil) – Use from 250mL to 500mL of ECO KLEEN per litre of water depending on soiling.

ECO KLEEN used at strength 20mls per litre is an excellent spray on, wipe off cleaner.  Rinse off with fresh water before the product dries.

For safety and handling information please refer to the ECO KLEEN MSDS.

For more information please consult your DBR representative.

DBR Product Philosophy:

At DBR we care about the environment, our community and your safety by providing environmentally responsible products.  The DBR ECO range of products provides performance, quality and safety, as well as environmental sustainability by meeting our strict criteria:

  • Products containing surfactants use only those classified as biodegradable.
  • Whenever possible, products made from plant based renewable resources are used.
  • Our DBR ECO range contains no phosphates, oil-based hydrocarbons, chlorine, chlorinated hydrocarbons, carcinogens, alkyl phenol ethoxylates or heavy metals.

Our DBR ECO range is safe to use. All our products are classified as nonhazardous and non-dangerous. Industrial degreasers such as ECO KLEEN are quick-break according to the Motor Trades Association definition.

Waste is a huge issue in the chemical industry but at DBR we do not connect to trade waste or sewerage systems and that makes us the only true environmentally sound manufacturer in Australia.

All packaging used in the DBR ECO range is recyclable, and can be returned to DBR for processing. 

If you care about the environment continue to choose DBR ECO Products!

DBR Industrial Products are proud to advise that we are a wholly Western Australian owned and operated Company. Servicing the Mining, Oil and Gas, Power Generation and Gold Processing sectors. DBR can provide solutions for the majority of your cleaning and degreasing applications with environmentally friendly products.

Available in 1, 5, 20, 200 & 1,000 litre containers.

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Technical Data Sheet here: EcoKleen-TDS
Material Safety Data Sheet: DBR Eco Kleen SDS