Red Roar


RED ROAR is a thickened foaming acid cleaner and brightener and acid truck wash – fleet washing product.

RED ROAR will work best if loose dirt, grease and oils are removed first using Exit Grease or any of our cleaners/degreasers (consult your DBR representative for the best one for you).

Use RED ROAR wash to remove iron stains, calcium build up, Lime scale, stains, discoloration, aluminium oxide, salt and corrosion on glass, stainless steel, painted surfaces, aluminium and metals.

This acid cleaner quickly foams and rinses away freely, however on some solids like iron stain or where RED ROAR hasn’t been rinsed off completely there could be a residue that can be easily removed with a low alkali detergent neutralising rinse, such as Exit Grease diluted to 50-1.

RED ROAR is an organic acid truck wash containing corrosion inhibitors to prevent flash rusting after cleaning.

Use RED ROAR as a spray on rinse off truck fleet washing product or for any equipment or plant.

Also use the RED ROAR wash to remove brake and rail dust from rims, side rails and paint.

For lighter soils RED ROAR can be diluted with water depending on the contamination. Test a small, innocuous area first.

When cleaning with acids always start at the bottom and work up to avoid streaks. If there are streaks it most likely means you are applying too much.

Mining Site Vehicles:

Just one application revived this heavily soiled sidestep within 10minutes.


Phosphoric acid is not an ingredient in RED ROAR

Phosphoric acid has moderate acute and chronic toxicity to aquatic life in waters of low alkalinity. Whilst small quantities of phosphoric acid can be neutralised by the alkalinity in aquatic ecosystems, larger quantities can lower the pH for extended periods of time, posing a potential risk to aquatic organisms in the form of Phosphate (formed when phosphoric acid is dissolved).

Where is ends up.

Phosphoric acid entering the environment can acidify the soils and waterways. Smaller quantities of acids such as the type found in Red Roar will be neutralised through the process of cleaning and become harmless.

Example Applications

See above the results of the application of Red Roar to this Stainless Tanker, after a few minutes application and high pressure washing the area with the Red Roar applied is like new. Red Roar has proven very successful on red dust and dirt found in many places throughout Australia. Anyone who has had a vehicle or trailer covered in this hard to remove dust and dirt will appreciate the effect Red Roar has in removing it effectively and efficiently whilst being environmentally friendly.

As you can see from these before and after pictures of a Kenworth sidestep and fuel tank Red Roar has been able to bring back these items to new. By simply spraying Red Roar onto the surface and leaving for a few minutes followed by high pressure washing, these surfaces shine once again. For best results with Red Roar apply to surfaces in shaded areas and DO NOT allow Red Roar to dry. Allowing Red Roar to dry can cause staining on parts and equipment being cleaned.


RED ROAR is safe and easy to use. • 100% biodegradable as the product is derived from edible oil sources. • Requires no mixing. • Safe to use on all metals (when following instructions) • Has a very high flashpoint > 150 ºC – therefore easy to use around working machinery. • Does not require pre-dilution with water. • No carcinogenic problems with use. • Does not affect rubbers, seals or hoses

Ensure correct PPE is used as per the SDS – gloves, light duty respirator mask and eye wear. • Apply using a fogger unit – consult DBR for advise on purchasing these units. • Red Roar is applied neat for best results– do not dilute. • Spray evenly starting from the bottom of the work area applying in a horizontal motion. • Ensure all areas have an even coating, leave for up to 10 minutes. • Best not to let Red Roar dry, either reapply more product or apply in a shaded area. • Remove using a high pressure cleaner (a flat spray nozzle works best).


  • 1 Litre bottles
  • 5 Litre containers
  • 20 Litre containers
  • 200 Litre drums
  • 1000 Litre Intermediate bulk container (IBC)

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